My name is Corri Blair I graduated with my BFA from the design program in Montana State University of Bozeman in the spring of 2014. I took courses in a wide range of design applications including: illustration, identity, web design, digital visualization, art direction, graphic design history, professional studio and thesis. Including design classes I took many art classes including: 2D fundamentals, 3D fundamentals, drawing, ceramics, metalsmithing and photography. I enjoy art and love design. I grew up in Montana and have always been more of a tomboy (dolls, make-up and dresses were never my thing.) I love the outdoors, I'm always down to go hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, wakeboarding or climbing, and if I have good friends and a dog or two with me then I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm down-to-earth and honest, and I love people. I can't stand being lazy and have to always be doing something productive with my time. I love multitasking and the busier I am, the better (seriously though, I've had up to 5 jobs at once just to keep myself as busy as possible - and I loved it.) Weirdly enough, I actually enjoy work. I've worked at multiple internships at design and marketing firms. I have been the head graphic designer at a business focused on building brands through promotional techniques and I've done freelance jobs for organizations, businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and individuals.

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